Congenital Heart Defects

A Voice for Shelby

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By Erin Greenough Shelby Madison Greenough came into this world without a sound. She never opened her eyes, or took a breath, but she had a voice. My voice. It is a cruel injustice that any parent should be asked to choose between the life and death of their dying child. My husband and I learned all to well the agony involved with such a barbaric request when our second daughter, Shelby Madison, was diagnosed via ultrasound with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a severe congenital heart defect. Sitting in that ultrasound room, I felt the despair set in. My daughter was extremely sick, and there […]


Peanut: One Dad’s Story

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By Doug I only wanted a healthy child (ten fingers and ten toes was what I always told everyone that asked, and I meant it) but my wife was really hoping for a girl. You see, I was a bit of a terror growing up and she didn’t want to be put through the hell that my Mom was by any progeny of mine. To counter this, I had been taunting her by saying that for karma’s sake, I was going to hope for a boy. We were 22 weeks along. Well, we were seeing a new OB/GYN this time around and he was to […]


My Interrupted Pregnancies

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By Julie In my gut, I knew something wasn’t right with my second pregnancy. The pregnancy test had a faint line and I didn’t have the severe morning sickness that I had previously. At 6 weeks, 2 days gestation I had an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat, but they wanted to see me two weeks later. When I returned, there was no heartbeat, and the baby measured only 6 weeks, 3 days—I had miscarried. Many of my friends and family had been through a miscarriage, and while it was emotionally hard, I figured that it was somewhat par for the course. Once my cycle came back, we decided to try […]


Our Babies In Heaven: This I Believe Essay #63009

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I believe it is okay to say out loud that I have had two abortions. I believe I would make the same decision again. By Anne Entered on April 10, 2009 Themes: birth, faith & religion, values & spirituality I believe that it is the hardest thing I have ever done, to say goodbye to my babies because they had sad prenatal diagnoses. I believe it is harder than being my mother’s support person when she was hospice dying from lung cancer. I believe it is harder than all the children I helped take off life support, when I was in training to become a […]