Dads Hurt Too – Talk About It

Dads hurt too; talk about it

It never crossed my mind as a possibility that my wife and I were not going to have this baby. We did everything right. We downloaded the apps, watched the foods we ate, had regular doctor visits, exercised regularly (but not too much), did all of the genetic screenings, even refrained from letting the news spread until we crossed the first-trimester milestone where miscarriage rates are higher.


Skeletal dysplasia - I decided that the only thing worse than ending the pregnancy would be to continue it. I felt his kicks and I didn’t want to say goodbye. I loved him. I wanted desperately to keep him safe and warm inside me. It just wasn’t possible. I’ve now accepted that.

  Looking back now, I realize how naïve I was. by T.T. In a week, we will be marking one year since we said goodbye, and I wanted to reflect upon it all. It took nearly nine months for me to even start to come to terms with what happened to our family in the last year, and the decisions we made. It led to a new phase of tears, but it felt somewhat different than in the early days. For a long time, I struggled to even allow myself to grieve the loss of our sweet baby, Daniel, because of the massive guilt I […]

The Story of Alexandra

By Catherine I am writing this to share a recent pain suffered by my husband and I, hoping that our story can be told to others like us. That those who have had to make the worst choice any parent could be faced with would know that they’re not alone and that they don’t have to feel like they’ve done anything wrong. I was 21 weeks pregnant with our first child when a routine ultrasound gave our doctor some concerns and we were referred to a specialist. I went to a geneticist. There, I was told that my baby, a girl, had a very rare, […]