This is Always Fatal

By A. H. When I found out I was pregnant on April 6, 2007, my fiance and I were very happy. This would be the first child for both of us. We had decided right away that if it was a boy we’d name him Dominic Wayne, and if it was a girl we would name her Kaylee Lynn. “Lynn” was after my husband’s mother, who had passed away a few years earlier. In early may I had an ultrasound. The technician said, “You are definitely pregnant” which made me feel better because I still didn’t quite believe it at that point. The little bubble on the screen looked like a jellybean to […]

What is Triploidy?

Triploidy (or Triploid Syndrome) is lethal and extremely rare. It occurs when there is a complete extra set of chromosomes. Instead of the normal 46 chromosomes (23 from each parent), there are 69 total. Two out of three triploidy-affected pregnancies miscarry in the first trimester. Those carried to term often result in stillbirth, although liveborn babies with triploidy have lived for a few hours to a few weeks. Diploid Triploid Mosiacism occurs when some cells have three copies of each chromosome or the abnormal 69 chromosomes (triploid cells) while others have the normal two, for 46 chromsosomes (diploid cells). This mosiacism can be compatible with […]