Hope & Encouragement

EWP Moms Share Their Long-Term Perspective on Grief

After the devastation of making a heartwrenching choice to end a wanted pregnancy, it may be difficult to believe that you will ever experience joy again. Here mothers share their long-term perspectives on putting their lives back together and finding happiness again.

Hope For The Newly Bereaved

Assessing Genetic Recurrance Risks

Putting It Behind You

The Right Thing

Beginning to Heal

Life Goes On

Life After Loss

Rediscovering Joy

A Letter for the Newly Bereaved

A Brief Note of Encouragement

Even Better Than Before



We’d like to hear your stories of healing and moving on following your heartbreaking choice. For this section, we especially need stories from those who have found peace without having a subsequent baby. Your story may bring hope to those who, for whatever reasons, are not able to “try again.” Please share with us.