Astrid Marie Murray

Ending a Wanted Pregnancy - Memorial Butterfly Garden

I held you 5 months as close as I could
We knew bringing you here
Was only doing us good.
Up with mother Mary you shall stay
I hope to see you reach for me one day.
I hope to see the hair I dreamed of
So blonde and straight and bright
Like the laugh I heard in all my dreams
With your brother and sister by your side
They will see your face one day too
For now I’ll teach them to look to heaven to see you.
I close my eyes and see you in my heart
It is where you came from your very start.
I love you Astrid
It will only grow each day
grow in my heart until it’s so big
It carries me away.

This only expresses words that cant touch how much I miss you. Thats a scorching agony of eternal death where I last felt you.

April 10, 2020
Fetal amelia
Love mom and dad always and forever