Our Miracle Gone too Soon :
Yearning for a miracle
You were gift from god to us
We danced with joy at the news of it
First time saw you waving at me with your little fingers at 8 weeks
Your dad and me kept looking at you thinking how can such a tiny being steal your heart
Days passed and you started fluttering and moving around more
At 17 week we got a devastating news that was too hard to take in
My eyes were watery and mind too weak to believe what I was hearing
With a heavy heart, I went for more testing to confirm as I couldn’t just let you go
At 20 week we saw you summersaulting, waving and smiling at us, that is forever etched in our memories
Oh I wished that I could hold you in my arms
At 22 week we got the most painful news that was too hard to believe
You were gone too soon my miracle
I wasn’t ready for it and never will be
May you have an angel always by your side
You will be loved forever my little miracle
Even death can’t take that away

Love, Mom and Dad