What is Omphalocele?

Omphalocele is an abdominal wall defect which causes the liver, intestines or other organs to develop outside of the body. In the first 6 to 10 weeks of a normal pregnancy, the intestines push out from the abdomen into the umbilical cord but by week 11 the intestine move back into the abdomen. An omphalocele happens when this fails to occur. In a small omphalocele only some of the intestines develop outside of the abdominal wall. But with a large omphalocele many organs may have developed outside of body, protected only by a thin, transparent sac. Infants born with an omphalocele may not develop an abdominal cavity adequate to […]

Our Angel’s Story

By B.T. After two years of trying, and beginning to doubt we’d ever be parents, we were finally expecting. We’d never been happier. We told the world we were pregnant, no fear involved. We recorded video of our first ultrasound and showed everyone the rapid beat of a tiny heart that meant the beginnings of our family. At 13 weeks, 6 days the next ultrasound was scheduled. My husband Brian was at work, but I didn’t mind going alone. I felt good, and certain that everything was going to be OK. During the ultrasound, the technician showed me that the heartbeat was slightly slower than at my last appointment. She […]