The Tip of the Iceberg

Anonymous This happened a long time ago, but it will stay with me forever. In the beginning, I felt an uneasiness about that pregnancy. I can’t explain it. It just felt different. I was 16 weeks along when we received the first piece of frightening news. My triple screen came back indicating a rare genetic disease. I followed it up with the amniocentesis and waited two long weeks for the results. They were negative for all three major chromosomal disorders (Trisomy 13, Trisomy 18 and Trisomy 21) and for the rare genetic disease. My husband and I were thrilled. At 18 weeks we had an ultrasound done and our baby […]

What is Cytomegalovirus (CMV)?

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) poses a risk to fetal development only when contracted during the first half of pregnancy. Only 40% of these fetuses will develop the infection and of those, only 5 to 15% will have symptoms at birth. In a severely affected fetus, CMV may result in intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), microcephaly, calcification in the brain, cognitive disabilities, hearing loss, low blood platelet count and liver enlargement. Recurrent maternal CMV infection (a CMV infection contracted before the pregnancy) does not pose serious risks to the fetus.   Centers for Disease Control – CMV Congential Infection Perinatology – Diagnosis & Management of CMV Infection in Pregnancy Mother-to-Baby – Cytomegalovirus (CMV) […]