Grief and its Relationship with Time

By Marna Cathleen As the layers unfold in my story of loss and grief I am noticing how the pain calms down and something else begins to happen. Yet, in those awful moments I did not believe it would ever get better. How feelings come and go I am learning that a feeling, good or bad, often feels that it will last forever. The only difference between a good feeling experience and bad one is that when the great joy and bliss are happening I usually do not ask the question; “when is this dam bliss going to end?” In fact time stands still in […]

How Do We Walk the Tragic Road?

By Marna Cathleen Lets not fool each other anymore, we all have our tragedies, unique, similar and each our own. The question is not so much about the detail of the specific tragedy, although specifics are very important. More important is the question, how do we walk the tragic road? How much love and consciousness can we bring to our tragedies? How can we be tender with each other and with ourselves even in the most insane times of life? I don’t have the answers to these question but they sit deeply inside of my heart as I do my best to be tender, love and feel […]

Choices Before Termination

By Nancy W. Did you know that the Chinese characters which make up the word for “crisis” include two symbols, one for danger, and one for opportunity? I know that this is a time fraught with anguish for you. But I would like to help you also see it from the perspective of opportunity. I want to give you some ideas to think about as you go through your procedure. I recognize, by this point, you are nearly numb; at least I was. And you may feel that you are beyond making any more decisions. But there are some things you may want to consider. […]