When We Create Meaning

By Tova Gold About six weeks after the girls died, I thought I would die from my grief. The entire experience of pregnancy and loss felt like a bad dream that I’d imagined. It’s because I never met them. I had no concrete evidence they’d existed. I chose to be “put under” for the delivery, because I was scared, and when I woke up they were gone, no longer in my body. It wasn’t until after that I realized how much I yearned to know what they’d looked like. How I ached for the opportunity to hold my two daughters at the same time, looking […]

Memorial Resources and Ideas

Ending a Wanted Pregnancy’s Memorial Butterfly Garden – Post your own unique memorial for your baby, or have us create one for you. Always free. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep – NILMDTS is a non-profit organization that trains, educates, and mobilizes professional quality photographers to provide beautiful heirloom portraits to families facing the untimely death of an infant. Grief Loss Recovery – Hope and health through creative grieving, offering insights on coping with grief, and memorial ideas. Portraits by Dana – Dana is an artist who creates beautiful memorial portraits by capturing the essence of our angels in her work. Sympathy Solutions – Comforting […]

Our Creativity Meets Our Grief

By Nora Swan-Foster, MA, ATR In everyday life there is light and there is shadow. If there is no light, there is no shadow. If we focus only on the light in our life, then the shadow gets larger, wanting our attention. Grief is shadow. When we turn to shine a light on our shadow, it is transformed. For centuries the creative process has offered people a way to express the inexpressible, to integrate the shadowy parts of life. Many of us say we “are not creative,” but we are all born creative. Every time I facilitate an art therapy group, I hear people apologize […]

Choices Before Termination

By Nancy W. Did you know that the Chinese characters which make up the word for “crisis” include two symbols, one for danger, and one for opportunity? I know that this is a time fraught with anguish for you. But I would like to help you also see it from the perspective of opportunity. I want to give you some ideas to think about as you go through your procedure. I recognize, by this point, you are nearly numb; at least I was. And you may feel that you are beyond making any more decisions. But there are some things you may want to consider. […]