Life Can Change on a Dime

By A.E. I have always heard your life can change on a dime, but I really never believed it until now. My husband and I were excited to see how our baby was growing and we contemplated finding out the sex. I was 22 weeks along. The ultrasound technician asked how my pregnancy was and I said fine, she then began the ultrasound. Her next question sent me into a blind panic. “Do you have a doctor appointment today?” She fell silent and stayed that way through rest of the exam. When it was over all she said was, “A doctor would be in shortly.” I looked at my husband. “Something is wrong.” “Everything […]

In the Stillness of the Night

By J.M. My second husband and I had been trying for another baby for nearly eight years, including three rounds of IVF. Our marriage had reached the breaking point. Male Infertility, we were told. Three weeks before Christmas, Scott announced that we would separate, effective immediately. Within days, our house was put up for sale I struggled to come to terms with the finality of losing the love of my life and starting again on my own. The following few weeks were ghastly as I tried to cope with my world falling apart. On Boxing Day Scott asked me to move out of the house as anger and […]