Our Sweet Simon

By Michele I found out I was pregnant with my third child in May 2016. I have always wanted a big family so this was great news. My kids (4 and 9 years old) were very excited. My son wanted a brother and my daughter wanted a sister, of course. My son talked about showing him all kinds of “boy” things. My daughter talked about helping take care of the baby, even helping change diapers. This pregnancy was different from the others—which is normal—but I kept feeling like something wasn’t right. I had some spotting off and on. I also had fevers every day during the […]

We All Walk Our Own Paths

By T.W. I am not writing to criticize. I feel so deeply for these families and the choices they made. I cry reading these stories they’ve written because I went through similarly agonizing decisions with my own pregnancy at age 30. My son, who is now age two, has Down syndrome. I would never say or do anything to add to anyone’s pain. I experienced the same feelings these women and families went through with a poor prenatal diagnosis. I had decided to carry my pregnancy to term and only later, when I was already several months pregnant, I learned that my son had a hole in his heart and […]