EWP Survival Guide

Compiled by The Editors of EWP These tips are offered by the members of our private support group to help those getting through the early days after ending a wanted pregnancy due to poor prenatal diagnosis or for maternal health issues. Take good care of yourself mentally and physically Eat well, give yourself plenty of time to sleep, and try to exercise regularly. Keep all your medical appointments. Always call if you have a concern or something does not seem right. If you are uncomfortable with your doctor, switch right away. Create a support system for yourself. That may include your spouse, partner or significant other, […]

How Do We Walk the Tragic Road?

By Marna Cathleen Lets not fool each other anymore, we all have our tragedies, unique, similar and each our own. The question is not so much about the detail of the specific tragedy, although specifics are very important. More important is the question, how do we walk the tragic road? How much love and consciousness can we bring to our tragedies? How can we be tender with each other and with ourselves even in the most insane times of life? I don’t have the answers to these question but they sit deeply inside of my heart as I do my best to be tender, love and feel […]