Going Home Empty Handed

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By B.B. I was barely 24, single and living with my parents when I found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t certain if I was ready to have children and ambivalent about continuing the pregnancy. My doctor knew all this, and she made a weird face while performing the ultrasound. She said she saw two separate heartbeats. I was carrying twins. I was stunned. My older sister has a set of twin girls; what were the odds of both of us having twins? I knew right then that my choice would be to keep them. My doctor told me that carrying twins automatically put me at high risk, so […]


But I Did Everything Right

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By Caleb’s Mother I was 23 and didn’t even know I was pregnant at first. I’d told my doctor I was really tired and I was having abdominal cramps. He felt my abdomen, said it was probably my appendix, and if it to erupted to go to the ER. A week later a coworker suggested I take a pregnancy test. In about 30 seconds it didn’t just turn pink, but purple! Yes, I am a single mom, but I never regretted my son. I had a career and was at a very stable point in my life. By 15 weeks I had already purchased Caleb’s bedroom furniture, set it up in his […]

Chromosome 9 Trisomy

My Son Triston

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By R.P. I was 19 weeks pregnant and so happy about my pending single motherhood when I found out my son was diagnosed with Chromosome 9 Trisomy. I’d known the baby’s father since I was five years old, and he was more of a friend than anything. But his actions had told me he wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy. The worst part for me was that I chose to be a mom anyway, and now I won’t get to be that, at least not for a while. My son made me dream about things that I’d never thought of. I yearned to hold him, hug him, kiss him […]