My Sweet Cami

Termination for spina bifida and chiari malformation

“I decided to make her baby book and have a necklace made with her would-be birthstone and the letter ‘C’ “ By Megan December 15th was a great day for my husband and I. We heard our daughter’s heartbeat for the first time and my husband was accepted to the police academy all on the same day. Life couldn’t get any better. Then in February we went in for the 20-week ultrasound. The tech was very cold and barely spoke as she took 70 images of our baby, measuring every inch. We figured this was routine and asked if we could know the gender. She […]

Daddy’s Shoes

Severe spina bifida - Daddy's shoes - "Our gender reveal party was canceled because of the news of severe spina bifida that we got from the specialist. The crushing feeling still haunts me."

We called several specialists around the country and Dana spent an entire day on the phone with the four big players in the fetal surgery specialty. In some cases, they can do surgery on the baby while still in-utero. All the specialists looked at our case of severe spina bifida and gave our son bleak prognoses.

I Know I Made The Right Decision

Grateful in NYC I was told about this web site by a sister-in-law of a very close friend. Several years ago, she found out that her daughter had severe abnormalities and needed to terminate her pregnancy. I remember how upset and crushed she was, and I could never imagine what she was going through. Then it happened to me. At 16 weeks, I went to the ob/gyn for a regular check up. The doctor recommended that I take the triple screen test. He said that if something was wrong, I would be contacted within two weeks. After almost two weeks, we had not heard anything, […]