Cystic Hygroma

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By H. My husband and I are currently waiting to have our termination in another three days. I am will be 18 weeks pregnant when I have the procedure. At our 12-week scan we learned that our baby had a cystic hygroma which could indicate a heart defect, a chromosomal abnormality or an inherited genetic disorder. A few days later we had a specialised scan to diagnose the problem. The technician was unable to confirm anything. What they could see looked fine in regards to heart, size of baby, etc. They offered us a termination at this point, but said there was still a 5-10% chance the baby could be born completely […]

Memorial Garden

Memorials ~ Butterfly Garden Archive

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In loving memory of our EWP babies. For newer memorials, visit our Butterfly Garden on Tumblr. You may post your own EWP baby’s memorial there, or provide us with text and we’ll create one for you. Our EWP Babies 2012 Our EWP Babies 2011 Our EWP Babies 2010 Our EWP Babies 2009 Our EWP Babies 2008 Our EWP Babies 2007 Our EWP Babies 2006 Our EWP Babies 2005 Our EWP Babies 2004 Our EWP Babies 2003 Our EWP Babies 2002 Our EWP Babies 2001 Our EWP Babies 2000 Our EWP Babies 1999 Our EWP Babies 1998 Our EWP Babies 1997 Our EWP Babies 1996 Our EWP Babies 1995 Our EWP Babies 1994 and Earlier Our EWP Babies 2012 Ayla Raine Ferrari January 6, 2012 Turner Syndrome Mosaic […]


Letter to God

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By Wendy L. Lyon My pastor directed me to write down everything I felt about this whole anguishing experience – it became my “Letter to God.” Writing it was no picnic. I’d never done anything like this before. We modern day Protestants are used to formal, in-church, prepared confessions of faith. Did I really want to do this? Did I need this? What did I feel? How could I accept responsibility for letting my baby die? But then I though, who but God could best understand my son’s death? Now that our baby was gone what did I have to lose? No wait! Wasn’t there […]