I never expected this to happen, my love. I have been trying to be strong for your sisters and father. I still feel like everything we went through was just a bad dream. It is unreal how the pain of losing you still brings me to my knees. I force myself to think of the good memories of our time together. How much love Bryan and I felt towards you. How your big sisters glowed when you kicked them in my belly. How you would dance around when your dad would play drums and when I would sing. I miss you so much Laurel… I think the hardest part of all of this is knowing that I had to choose this. To make such a hard decision honestly turned my life upside down. I hope you know that I did this all out of love. I hope we will meet again someday and I truly hope you feel how much I love and miss you, my sweet little baby. You have taught me so much and have shown me how strong I am. We all send our love. Please watch over your sisters and know we cherish you, Laurel Calliope! You are my muse… my little bluebird… my sweet angel baby…💗