My sweet boy Seven had been about two years in the making. After multiple failed IUI cycles, I underwent IVF. I conceived on the first try. I remember my doctor telling me he chose this 12 cell embryo because it was “more advanced” than the others. I was over the moon when the clinic called to tell me it had worked. I was instantly in love. At 11 weeks, I did the cfDNA, thinking I would just have extra peace of mind. I was positive for T18 and confirmed about a month later by amniocentesis. That month wait between the cfDNA and amniocentesis was difficult but lovely. I chose to lean into enjoying our time together. I sang you songs and talked to you daily. I also promised you I wouldn’t let you suffer if I could help it. So on 2/21/20, I parted ways with you physically. You made me a Mother and I am forever grateful.
Seven, you’ll always be on my mind and in my heart.