Why We Changed Our Name

Amelly sock puppet named Broach Hooper
If you do not first “obtain a written license agreement” from the trademark owner or her sock puppet, Broach Hooper before using the trademark Heartbreaking Choice®, you can expect much underwear bunching to ensue.

And who the heck is Broach Hooper?

Since the early 1990s, our community, website and support forums were known as A Heartbreaking Choice® and could be found online at aheartbreakingchoice dot com. Then Broach Hooper came along and tried to ruin everything.

We feel it’s important to share the reasons for our name change. Those who submitted their stories to us or have been involved in our support community under our old name may wonder what their stories are doing here under a new name (and why an ugly commercial trademark symbol must now be pasted at the end of our old name). Rest assured, this is the original community founded by Maribeth Doerr in 1996, supported and managed by most (but not all) of the original administrators. Only the name is new.

In February of 2015, we were forced to change our name under threat of a lawsuit by the trademark owner via her sock puppet, Broach Hooper. The good news is, we like the new name, Ending a Wanted Pregnancy, better because it is clearer as to what we’re all about.

More importantly, it distances our old site which was stolen from us in 2012 and converted to what we believe is a donation scam that preys on the grieving.

If you’re interested in the history, read on.

How we did things from 1996 on

We had never been a fundraising organization, relying instead on our admins to pool their own money when it came time to pay for web domain or hosting service renewals. These things are not particularly expensive. All site maintenance and support group administration was handled by volunteers. The whole purpose of our mission was to support individuals who had made the decision to end a wanted pregnancy for medical reasons. Our approach has always been to provide a safe platform where parents who had been through this experience could share their stories and offer emotional support and encouragement to others going through it. That is not and has never been an expensive proposition that required ongoing fundraising. Every few years our web hosting would come up for renewal and admins and a couple of dedicated members would pitch in to cover it.

The PayPal issue, the site lockout, and the domain theft

In 2012 our newest website admin—the one who often uses the sock puppet name Broach Hooper—went rogue and plastered that site with PayPal donation links which went straight to her personal bank account, with no accountability. (She claims Grace gave her permission to do this. Nope. She was only given permission to request donations for site hosting fees once, when they were up for renewal in 2008, and only on our Yuku forums.) When the other admins called her out on those PayPal links on the website, she immediately locked them out of the site. On further investigation, we learned that she had unilaterally removed the original domain owners from the domain registry and appointed herself sole owner. Broach Hooper then quickly moved the domain to a Mexican registry service making it impossible for us, the original owners, to reclaim the domain we’d maintained since 1996.

We tried to get our stolen site back

Screenshot of what ICANN has to say about the theft of our old domain, aheartbreakingchoice dot com.

In a nutshell, the old registry service said, “We don’t have that domain anymore, you’ll have to complain to the new registry” and the new registry service said “Her name was on it when she transferred it here, there is nothing we can do. Talk to the old registry service.” We made a follow-up complaint with ICANN, the organization that oversees domain registrars, and were told

“You have, in essence, a private dispute between you and the person who allegedly replaced the information listed! in Whois of the affected domain name. You may want to contact a law enforcement agency in your jurisdiction or retain legal counsel to determine what rights and remedies are available to you.”

The problem with this is that the US has no legal reciprocity with Belize. (It’s a key reason a lot of scam artists choose to expatriate there—US courts can’t touch them.)

As for Broach Hooper’s recent claim that:

“Contrary to what you may have heard or read, the aheartbreakingchoice.com website was not stolen. If it were even possible to steal a website, you would see this occurring on a daily basis. The facts are that ICANN follows extremely strict rules which prevents this from happening.”

It is quite possible to steal a website, in fact, it happens all the time and there is very little ICANN or anyone else can do when it happens. All it took to steal the domain (URL) was for one admin to convince us to trust her with our login info at our domain registrar. Stealing the site itself was as a simple for her as changing a password.

Locked out of the site, helpless to remove her “donation” links that we believe preyed on the grieving, and unable to reclaim our original, well-known and well-connected domain, we rebuilt the entire site from scratch at aheartbreakingchoice dot net.

Broach Hooper’s litany of trademark complaints

Meanwhile, the rogue admin filed for a trademark on the words “Heartbreaking Choice” —a euphemistic phrase coined for this community by Maribeth Wilder-Doerr back in 1996, many years before Broach Hooper. was even made an admin, let alone had even heard of this website. Although Broach Hooper resides in Belize, Central America, in order to get a US trademark she swore under penalty of perjury that her address was in Reno, Nevada. Unfortunately, the trademark was granted to her.

In early 2015, again using her cowardly sock puppet name Broach Hooper, she filed complaint after complaint against us with the hosting service of our rebuilt site, demanding our entire site be taken down because it violated “her” trademark—blatantly violating her promise to our community that she would not abuse her trademark ownership this way. She even tried to demand that Domains by Proxy give her our aheartbreakingchoice dot net domain … after she’d already stolen our aheartbreakingchoice dot com and dot org domains.

Broach Hooper is a sock puppet of the AHC trademark owner
“Broach Hooper” is the complaining party in this legal attack. We had known of this name as an “extra” email account of our former admin since 2013 when she used it to register an extra user account for herself on our Yuku board.


Broach Hooper is vengeful
The trademark owner’s sock puppet Broach Hooper demanded that our hosting service take down our grief support site. This was something she promised this community she’d never do. I won’t even get into the illegality of a fraudulent electronic signature.


Broach Hooper lies about her legal representation.
“Broach Hooper” demanded our new URL be forked over to her as the “resolution” to her trademark complaint. (Fortunately, DBP told her “No.”)  We contacted the law firm she listed in this sworn document. They’d never heard of Broach Hooper, or the trademark owners real name., or A Heartbreaking ChoiceTM. Note that the sock puppet gives a Miami, FL P.O. box as her address – which is forwarded “Broach” in Belize.

The sad farewell for our good old name

Because our web hosting service can only go by what’s trademarked and can’t make legal or moral determinations (such as, we were using A Heartbreaking Choice many years before “Broach Hooper” came along and trademarked the phrase for her own greedy purposes), they would have no choice but to remove our entire site if we did not change our name.

So we changed it. Welcome to Ending a Wanted Pregnancy.

But… Broach Hooper’s legal harassment continued

Broach Hooper's underwear are in a bunch
“Broach Hooper'” filed another complaint after we changed our name  because the words “heartbreaking” and “choice” appeared on this page (with full trademark attribution) and incidentally in sequence on just one other page our site, used in lower case and not as our “name.”

On February 16th, 2015 the sock puppet Broach Hooper filed yet another complaint against us with our site host, claiming the very page you are reading was in violation of her trademark—despite our careful use of the ® symbol next to the name, our clear and unequivocal acknowledgment of her status as the trademark owner and even our direct link to her trademark documentation at USPTO. She also complained about another page where the words “heartbreaking” and “choice” were sequenced together as a merely descriptive term referring to the decision to end a wanted pregnancy. She is using the trademark to suppress the way we refer to our grief, to deny us the right to discuss it in ways that are meaningful to us, and to prevent grieving parents from innocently using a common euphemism that predates her involvement in this community (indeed, it even predates her abortion) by well over a decade.

Broach Hooper is high from huffing her own farts
July 9, 2016, Broach Hooper jumps the shark by complaining about a forgotten sub-directory that was not even accessible by navigating our actual website.

On July 9, 2015, we received yet another trademark complaint from the trademark owner’s smelly sock puppet, Broach Hooper. At this point, we’d long since gone to extraordinary lengths to scour the site of our original name, and replaced every single story and article on the site that was duplicated from the site she’d stolen from us. Yet, somehow, she’d dug up a long-forgotten subdirectory that contained the original AHC site which Grace had built way back in 2004. Not a word of text in that subdirectory was written or edited by Broach Hooper. Even its HTML was hand-coded by Grace. Nothing in that forgotten sub-directory was linked to or in any way accessible by navigating the Ending a Wanted Pregnancy site. It was just there, somewhere in the background, an honest little shadow of who we used to be before this con artist came along and gained our trust.

Pathetic. We don’t even know what she wants at this point. Attention, probably. Well, frankly we’re all pretty bored with her games by now.

The Yuku attack and misappropriation of our Yuku URL

By the end of February, Broach Hooper had filed a total of four legal complaints against us, including a complaint against our 10-year-old Yuku support forums where the grief journeys of nearly 2,000 bereaved parents exist. At the time of her complaint, we had already changed the name of our Yuku board to Ending a Wanted Pregnancy. Only the URL, which is not something you can just change yourself at Yuku, included the “offending” term “Heartbreaking Choice.”

Yuku URL use violation by Broach Hooper
Yuku management explains that after forcing us to change our Yuku support board URL, Broach Hooper grabbed that URL and redirected it to “her” website: a Yuku ToS violation.

That complaint resulted in our grief support board being completely deleted. That’s right, 10 years worth of grief journeys of nearly 2,000 members of our community were deleted, thanks to Broach Hooper’s greed and trademark power trip. Fortunately, the Yuku team listened to reason and supported us by rescuing our data and restoring it at endingawantedpregnancy.yuku.com. Shortly afterward, Broach Hooper snatched our original Yuku URL (it became available to the public when it was taken away from us) and redirected it to point to the website she stole from us. Once again, Yuku came through for us: They spotted what she had done and took the URL away from her, since using a Yuku URL merely to redirect traffic to a non-Yuku site is a Yuku Terms of Service violation.

The real shame of forcing us to change the Yuku URL is it makes our old support site nearly impossible for our old members to find. Their journeys are there, but when they go to their bookmarked Yuku URL they get a 404 error. If you’re looking for our old Yuku support board it’s here. Again, we are so grateful to Yuku for rescuing our data from this fiasco!

The DMCA filing – why an older story of yours probably isn’t here

She has also claimed a DMCA copyright license, declaring herself the original creator of all of the personal stories which were actually submitted to that site by bereaved individuals, people just like you, over the decades it’s been in operation. The reality is she wrote only a few original pieces on the site, and perhaps edited another 10% or so of them—the rest were either already there when she showed up or were edited by other volunteers in the Editing Room of our Yuku forums.

Fortunately, there are many people who believed in our mission and shared all new stories with us. The only stories or articles that remain at both sites are those that are third-party copyrighted and therefore immune from a DMCA takedown demand.

If you had a story published with us and would like it here on this site, just let us know. Personally, I would not want my content, especially not the story of my dead child, used as bait in her donation scam.

The AHC NPO/NGO “Plans”

More recently she has announced plans:

“…to become “an international NPO” raising money to “Establish a fund to assist those with financial hardships or for those that need to travel outside their home state, district or country to terminate.”

Sounds good but that’s already being done extremely well by the National Network of Abortion Funds. There is no need to duplicate those efforts, not that she could. Another fundraising goal she has stated is:

“Purchase and install the collaboration tools for a NPO to communicate internationally; such as web based video meetings and conference call software for all members of the Board of Directors.”

This is just laughable considering these “tools” are readily available and free on platforms like WebexSkype and Facetime.

Or, it would be laughable if those funds she’s after weren’t coming out of the pockets of bereaved parents whose trust she gains in exchange for her cut-n-paste “sympathies.” The bottom line is, if a jobless person living in a waterfront home in a private community in one of the nicest parts of Belize claims her one-woman* “organization” needs lots of “donations” and must establish an “international non-profit” status with a “board of directors”  …. to become an “official non-profit organization” just to keep a simple website and online support group going—well, you do the math.

The Imaginary Board of Directors & Financial Oversight

Our former admin, since stealing our site, has repeatedly alluded to having a “Board of Directors” for her “NPO” but no other person in our community is known to have any official role in her decisions or actions regarding the stolen website and the donations it’s receiving. We’re pretty sure that making an “AHC NPO/BOD” Facebook group and adding a few chums and sock puppets to it does not create a valid board of directors. If you see a community member’s name listed as being on the AHC Board of Directors, ask them personally if they’re actually on the board. So far, the listed people we’ve talked to have said they’re not on the AHC Board of Directors and they don’t understand why they were listed as such. But please don’t take our word for it: ask them yourself. If you find someone who actually is on the board (other than “Ayliea,” or her real name, or the infamous lawsuit-threatening sock puppet Broach Hooper) please have them email us so we can amend this paragraph.

Broach Hooper claims there is “oversight” on the donations her site takes in, but who actually has this financial oversight is a complete mystery. Last we checked, all donations went straight to her personal PayPal account. Other than her, the only named “individual” involved in “managing” the AHC website or domain that we’ve ever heard of is her sock puppet, Broach Hooper.

There do appear to be some nice volunteers doing the actual work of moderating the new AHC support board, and we’re thankful for that. Our worst fear was that grieving parents will unknowingly join that site, get scant support and be constantly hit up for donations.

Broach’s false history of AHC

This was spotted on our old, stolen website in February of 2016. We’re not sure when she added these nuggets of false “history” but whatever. At this point it’s getting silly.

Some looney lies from the brain of Broach Hooper
Facts: “Persephone” was the Yuku username of the person “Ayliea” (aka Broach Hooper) stole the old AHC website and domains (URLs) from. “Persephone” ran the original AHC site from 2002 on (after “Lucy” entrusted it to her) and was still active in its management, as well as the original owner of its Yuku support forums, in November of 2012. “Persephone” currently manages this website under her real name and helps admin the EWP Facebook support group.

The best lies contain a hair of truth: Persephone (Grace’s Yuku username) did accept “Ayliea’s” offer of help with the site when she returned to full-time work outside the home in 2008. But Persephone/Grace never “turned it over completely” as Ayliea/Broach Hooper claims here. Ayliea forged ICANN transfer documents to the domain aheartbreakingchoice dot com before expatriating to Belize in 2010. Her deception took place two full years before she ultimately locked all other admins out of the site—in a hissy fit she threw precisely because we told her to stop requesting our grieving members pay her with “donations.”

No grieving parent ever benefited from even one penny of the cash Ayliea/Broach Hooper raised, and no other admin was ever privy to how much cash that was, or how she spent it. We do know that funds went straight to her personal PayPal account which funneled directly to her personal bank account—a fact verified by Paypal. If you follow the donation links on the AHC site you’ll see that they’re attached to her real name and not any organization, non-profit or otherwise. She claims to have offered to “provide an accounting” of all the money she collected from our grieving members, but that would have been meaningless since there was never any oversight. She would have filled a spreadsheet with phony dollar amounts and exaggerated expenses to make herself look good. So what?

The proof she was up to no good was when we asked her to remove her “donation” links, she locked us out of the website. What we do know is that she continued to come to AHC’s other active admins, including Persephone, for cash anyway when domain and hosting fees were due and that we paid up every single time. We have the receipts to prove that. Whatever pretenses she claimed for needing donations from our grieving members, they were certainly never applied to AHC’s web hosting fees.

Note how she now lobs seven years off the ten years time that Persephone/Grace managed the site, in order to make herself look like the person who’s had it the longest. The screencap image above was part of yet another “donation” page where she panhandles for money based on her “years of tireless work.” Meanwhile, we’ve built a better functioning, up-to-date, SSL-secured and mobile-friendly site and have not asked our members for a dime.

We just have to point out here that the admins of EWP have jobs outside the home, or are home with children, or both. Yet we’re not complaining about being overworked. Ayliea/Broach Hooper hasn’t offspring to look after or any outside work responsibilities. It must be simply exhausting living on the beach in Belize, poking around on a website every now and then or updating something to a Facebook lifestyle page.

AHC: Not Professional, not a non-profit

On her “donation” page she also claims A Heartbreaking Choice is “A professional non-profit.” It is no such thing. It hasn’t a 501(c)3 nor any professional or non-profit designation, tax status, certification or credentials. Nope, not anywhere in the world, not even in Belize. It doesn’t even have these things pending. Apparently, Coleen/Ayliea/Broach Hooper thinks being an unemployed sock puppet is all it takes to be a “non-profit organization” that doesn’t have to report income or pay taxes, and to heck with what the term non-profit actually means.

But don’t take our word for that: check NPO the watchdog Guidestar, a respected website that rates nonprofit organizations. And no, we’re not listed with them either, but we never ask for or accept donations, nor are we trying to palm ourselves off as a non-profit org in order to fool people out of their money or cheat on our taxes. It’s true we don’t profit, but we’re not claiming a special tax-exempt status. We don’t take in money, so we don’t need NPO status. Broach Hooper should not be taking money either, but she plasters the old AHC website with donation links. It never had any during the many years that Persephone/Grace was actively managing it, nor did it when it was managed by the aforementioned “Lucy” who turned it over to Grace.

Sorry Broach, A Heartbreaking Choice is not and never has been a nonprofit.
A Heartbreaking Choice is NOT a non-profit organization.

AHC does not even appear in the Guidestar database, despite Ayliea’s claims it’s “a professional non-profit.”

The admins of Ending a Wanted Pregnancy do not find our volunteer work “tiring,” nor do we seek “donations” in order to pay ourselves. This work is rewarding to us. We actually like helping people and can support ourselves and support this site without begging for handouts.

Beware of anyone looking for cash handouts and claiming to be an NPO when they’re actually not. These things are easily verified. If you can find proof that A Heartbreaking Choice is a tax-exempt NPO, do send it to us at info@endingawantedpregnancy.com and we’ll update this page. We’re reasonable like that.


Update: September 25, 2018 … SECURITY BREACH (Oh, the IRONY)

While “Broach” went to great lengths to harass our admins and damage our grief support community all in the name of “protecting” the AHC website, she failed completely to take the most basic, nuts-and-bolts steps toward actually protecting that site. She never bothered to obtain and set up site security certificates, making the site an easy target for hackers. As a result, our old AHC site has been thoroughly hacked. It now contains upwards of 200 pages of link farm garbage selling gaming equipment.

Broach Hooper is a moron
“Broach Hooper” failed to protect the AHC site from hackers and spam.

What’s truly unsettling about this is the bald fact that anyone who has the kind of access to get in and load the site with subdirectories of hundreds of pages of spam also has the access to view, copy and share information from that site’s contact forms, private support forums, private messages, IM chats, and most likely member email addresses. Worse, “Broach” demands that new members provide very personal info including the names of their abortion doctors and genetics counselors. Guess who has access to that sensitive info now?

Trademark legal gobbledygook

NOTICE: Heartbreaking Choice® as used throughout this page is a Registered Trademark (Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off.” No. 4,500,332, Ser. No. 85-789,639) of Broach  Hooper of Corozal, Belize, Central America and should never be used without providing a clear indication that Heartbreaking Choice® is a Registered Trademark (You can visit the USPTO trademark link to learn her real name: Just know that the address she has filed with USPTO is not hers, but belongs, perhaps appropriately, to a junkyard). In order to use the phrase heartbreaking choice® for any reason, even if it is just as a euphemism you are using to casually discuss your grief among friends, you are now required, according to the trademark owner’s feeble understanding of trademark law, to get “a written license agreement” from her. She believes you must first obtain her express, prior, written and, heavens, “licensed” permission because as the Trademark Owner of Heartbreaking Choice® she does not understand that the ® symbol is universally accepted as legally sufficient when using any registered trademark. If you do not first contact her and, apparently, purchase a license from her to use this term, expect much underwear bunching to ensue in the form of pesky, baseless complaints lodged against you by her smelly sock puppet, Broach Hooper. You may reach the trademark owner to request a License to use her Registered Trademark, Heartbreaking Choice®, at any one of 17 email addresses we have on file for Ms. H and her sock puppet, Broach Hooper. 
ny use of a “Heartbreaking Choice” trademarks including the “Heartbreaking Choice” name in any form, in connection with any product or srvice that does not belong to A “Heartbreaking Choice” unless otherwise authorized in a written license agreement, will constitute an infringement upon the trademark rights of such owner and may be actionable under United States Trademark Laws, Registered, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, NO. 4,500,332 Ser. No. 85-789,639. and/or International Trademark Laws and the Trademark or equivalent laws of other countries.”

photo credit: sock puppet theater – fight club via photopin (license)