What is Hyperemis Gravidarium?

Feb 13, 2013 | Diagnosis Information

There is a marked difference between common “morning sickness” and severe Hyperemesis Gravidarium (HG). Hyperemesis Gravidarium can be mild, moderate or severe, but the severe version of this rare and debilitiating pregnancy complication is what we’re concerned with here.

In severe Hyperemesis Gravidarium, the mother experiences constant, incapacitating nausea. It can be difficult to control with medications, and may lead to esophageal tears or even stroke. She may suffer weight loss of 10% to 20%. She will require nutritional support, fluids and medications throughout the majority of the pregnancy. Mothers suffering from severe HG are unable to care for themselves and experience malnourishment and exhaustion. Delivery may be especially difficult, and complications may arise because of this debilitating condition.

With early intervention, many cases of severe HG can be adequately managed. According to MedScape, about 27% of mothers hospitalized for severe HG will require multiple hospitalizations.

In the absence of treatment, severe HG can lead to fetal demise and the mother may suffer organ failure.


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