Q&A: How Do I Decide?

Mar 3, 2015 | Q&A

I’m 19 weeks pregnant. How do I decide?

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My daughter has been prenatally diagnosed with a chromosome deletion (4p 15.2 16, possible Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome) and we’re having to decide now what to do. I’m 19 weeks pregnant. How do I decide? Any resources you can recommend would be very appreciated.


We are so sorry you are going through this.

It is not clear from your note if you are still deciding whether or not to continue your pregnancy. We are not experts on any particular diagnosis, and would be reluctant to weigh in on such a personal decision even if we were.

You can read the article If You Are Undecided for thoughts on making your decision.

If you think you may continue your pregnancy, doing some internet research on the diagnosis may help you discover further medical information and parent support groups to help you understand how families affected by this diagnosis are coping.

If you’ve decided to end your pregnancy and need information on how to go about that, we offer a compendium of practical information covering many aspects of the process. We also have an extensive section of parents’ stories about ending a wanted pregnancy following a poor prenatal diagnosis or for maternal health concerns.

We wish you peace with whatever you decide.

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