My Little Lion

By Jessica C. Our son was two and we were ready to add on to our family. I became pregnant after our first try and we were very excited. I was a little nervous about my “advanced age” as I was 36 going on 37, but otherwise I felt good. We told our son about the baby, and asked him whether he thought it was a boy or a girl. He told us it was a lion. Later we learned our baby was another boy and our son’s prediction didn’t falter—our baby was a boy lion. We’d passed all the chromosomal tests for my “advanced age” and appeared to be in the clear. Once the first trimester […]

A Crushing Wait

By Renee’ It has been seven years since I said goodbye to my surprise baby, Zeb. In December of 2005 I discovered I was pregnant for the third time. It was not a planned pregnancy, but a welcomed one. Everything seemed to be moving along smoothly. On March 29, 2006, I had a mid-pregnancy ultrasound to check how things were progressing. I was in the blissful world, believing that this appointment was all about finding out the baby’s sex. My two sons, ages five and seven, were eagerly waiting to hear whether they would have a little brother or sister. Instead we heard, “Something is […]

What is Potter Syndrome?

Potter syndrome is not technically a syndrome, but kidneys failing to develop properly in the fetus. The kidneys normally produce the amniotic fluid as urine. Lack of amniotic fluid (oligohydramnios) leads to problems associated with Potter syndrome. Oligohydramnios occurs if the volume of amniotic fluid is less than normal for the corresponding period of gestation. This may be due to decreased urine production due to bilateral renal agenesis, obstruction of the urinary tract, or occasionally, premature rupture of the amniotic membranes (PPROM). Fetal urine is also critical to the proper development of the lungs by helping to expand the airways and supplying Proline, a critical […]