Q & A: Is this an appropriate question?

Feb 5, 2019 | Opinion, Q&A

Just look at these bees, minding their own beeswax.

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I appreciate the honesty of Kate C. I just read a piece of her writings from 2015. I’m wondering if mothers who choose abortion for a wanted pregnancy ever request testing on their baby’s bodies to confirm the diagnoses doctors give during pregnancy? And maybe why Kate C didn’t. Her article invited questions, so I’m hoping this is still appropriate.

Thank you.

Cheryl T.



Hi Cheryl T.

Occasionally, parents do request testing following an abortion for medical reasons. However, asking Kate C. why she didn’t is both intrusive and inappropriate. I can think of no child loss scenario where it is appropriate to question a parent’s choice not to have their child’s remains undergo testing to confirm an existing, qualified medical diagnosis.

If your friends’ child died of leukemia, would you ask them why they didn’t have an autopsy done to confirm whether it was really leukemia? Would you lurk around the funeral suggesting to others that the child’s medical care providers were probably wrong about the diagnosis?

Really, it’s none of your beeswax. But you already knew that.

You’re welcome.

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