What is Achondrogenesis Type II?

Achondrongenesis Type II is a form of skeletal dysplasia involving short limbs, a small chest with short ribs and underdevelopment of the lungs. It can also involve the failure of spinal and pelvic bones to properly form, and an enlarged abdomen. Facial malformation may include cleft palate, prominent forehead and a small chin. Fetal issues may include hydrops fetalis, the build up of excess fluid in the body. For further information on Achondrogenesis Type II visit: Wikipedia—Achondrogenesis Type 2 OMIM—Achondrogenesis Type II Genetics Home Reference—Achondrogensis     Ending a Wanted Pregnancy stories involving a diagnosis of Achondrogenesis Type II

The Story of Alexandra

By Catherine I am writing this to share a recent pain suffered by my husband and I, hoping that our story can be told to others like us. That those who have had to make the worst choice any parent could be faced with would know that they’re not alone and that they don’t have to feel like they’ve done anything wrong. I was 21 weeks pregnant with our first child when a routine ultrasound gave our doctor some concerns and we were referred to a specialist. I went to a geneticist. There, I was told that my baby, a girl, had a very rare, […]