How to Make an Impossible Choice

By Margot I cannot claim to have been naive about poor pregnancy outcomes before my abortion. My husband and I had been debating for several years about whether to pursue adoption or try for a biological child when one of our friends had a uterine rupture at six and a half months pregnant. The baby died, and she nearly did too. During the emergency surgery that saved her life, they had to remove her uterus. Most of the “cons” of pregnancy we’d contemplated previously were things like morning sickness, weight gain, and contributing to overpopulation. You might think our friends’ catastrophic loss would have given […]

Not Written in the Stars

By R.M. Two years ago we were expecting our third child. After a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks earlier in the year, we had gotten through what we thought was the risky part. As we inched toward our third trimester, we were excited and a little nervous to bring another baby into our lives. The 20-week ultrasound turned everything upside down. I noticed it right away on the screen: A large, dark spot in the baby’s brain. We were told to call our midwife. She said it may be nothing, or a cyst, or an aneurism. We saw a specialist who told us it was a brain […]

I Wanted Her So Much

By Alyssa’s Mom We were trying to get pregnant with our first child. When I missed my period I took a pregnancy test but it was negative. I was bummed. I thought for sure I was pregnant as I had felt constant nausea all week long. A few days later my doctor did a blood test. Lo and behold I was pregnant after all. We were absolutely thrilled! Our baby was due in September and we could not wait. Our first scare in the pregnancy came at nine weeks when I started bleeding. I thought for sure I had lost the baby. The next morning I had an ultrasound scan […]

Still Relevant

By MJP We’re the women politicians don’t talk about. Women who were pregnant with wanted and waited for babies, not birth control accidents, not rape, and not “irresponsible.” My story is now 24 years old but still relevant. We always thought we would have three or four children. Baby number one was born in 1985 after an uneventful pregnancy, a healthy boy. In spring of 1988 I had my first miscarriage and was devastated. In 1990 I had a second miscarriage. I was told not to worry, that it was only after a third miscarriage that the doctors would be concerned. A few months later I […]

A Mother’s Testimony Before State Congress

By Heather P. Dear esteemed members of the NC House Health Committee, my name is Heather P. and I am writing as testimony in opposition to HB 465 being considered tomorrow in your chambers. I kindly ask you to read my story with an open mind before deciding how you will vote on this important issue. HB 465 seeks to both limit and truncate the rights of all North Carolina women while additionally placing one of this state’s most esteemed medical learning institutions at risk of monumental damage to both its reputation and ability to retain its full accreditation. The restrictions being proposed against UNC […]

Only Seventeen

By C.C. I found out three months into my pregnancy that I my baby was a girl. I also found out she had anencephaly. My body didn’t have enough folic acid to allow the baby’s brain and skull to form. I was only 17 at the time. This was my first child. I chose to have an induced labor termination at 19 weeks gestation. My precious baby girl, Seirra Marie. I thought I’d be lost with out her. I had all these dreams for her and they were shattered now. I’m 18 now and am still in pain sometimes. I wish I was in someone else’s shoes and was able to have a […]

Q&A: But Aren’t I Morally Superior?

morally superior

Sadly, grief and depression can be seriously compounded by the judgmental, self-righteous condemnation and gloating of others. I sincerely hope you are keeping your negativity to yourself and not contributing to her pain. Have a question for Ending a Wanted Pregnancy? Email us. QUESTION During a routine ultrasound, my sister’s baby girl was diagnosed with a fatal birth defect called anencephaly. My sister, her husband, and our whole family were devastated. She decided to continue her pregnancy, and five months later gave birth to her little girl. She was with us for four days. The impact she had on so many people, doctors, nurses, friends, and family will never be […]

Grieving Silently

By A Grieving Mother I knew that I was pregnant with my second child very soon after conception. This enabled me to follow all the recommended health guidelines such as taking extra folic acid and no alcohol.I was over the morning sickness by week five and celebrating a great pregnancy with family and friends. We excitedly chose our baby’s nickname from four weeks and used it daily. By week eighteen, we had chosen a boys name. Because of my advancing age we took up the offer of first trimester nuchal translucency screening. During this process I briefly contemplated what an abnormal result might mean. I […]

Saying Hello and Goodbye

By Karen Our story begins in the summertime, when my husband and I, who already had wonderful 3-year-old son called Matthew, decided we would try for another child. I stopped my contraceptive pill and became pregnant in only three weeks. We were amazed because it had taken almost two years for us to conceived Matty. We were so delighted, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. We told our close family members immediately, and mentioned to Matty that he had a little brother or sister on the way. During the first 14 weeks of my pregnancy I suffered with awful morning sickness and tiredness. My bump appeared very quickly, something […]