The Tip of the Iceberg

Anonymous This happened a long time ago, but it will stay with me forever. In the beginning, I felt an uneasiness about that pregnancy. I can’t explain it. It just felt different. I was 16 weeks along when we received the first piece of frightening news. My triple screen came back indicating a rare genetic disease. I followed it up with the amniocentesis and waited two long weeks for the results. They were negative for all three major chromosomal disorders (Trisomy 13, Trisomy 18 and Trisomy 21) and for the rare genetic disease. My husband and I were thrilled. At 18 weeks we had an ultrasound done and our baby […]

I Know I Made The Right Decision

Grateful in NYC I was told about this web site by a sister-in-law of a very close friend. Several years ago, she found out that her daughter had severe abnormalities and needed to terminate her pregnancy. I remember how upset and crushed she was, and I could never imagine what she was going through. Then it happened to me. At 16 weeks, I went to the ob/gyn for a regular check up. The doctor recommended that I take the triple screen test. He said that if something was wrong, I would be contacted within two weeks. After almost two weeks, we had not heard anything, […]

The Slim Chance of a Miracle

By Lena When I first found out I was pregnant, I was scared and confused. But after a lot of thought, the idea of a baby was wonderful. Before long I was swimming in books, magazines and web sites about babies, parenting and pregnancy. At 16 weeks, my quad screen test results came back indicating abnormalities. An ultrasound determined the baby was a boy, and I immediately named him Julian. That ultrasound also determined that he had a severe case of hydrocephalus. My reaction was disbelief. I had to get a second second opinion. I made an appointment with one of the best known maternal fetal medicine specialists in […]

Red State Blues

By Gracie’s Mommy I used to be a registered Republican, not because I completely identified with their ideals, but because I identified with them fiscally. Money. Money was important to me. I watched my dad work very hard to keep his employees employed in his small construction company while he took home less than half of his earnings. He struggled to pay his mortgage on a small three-bedroom house and to support his family while his employees bought new cars and went on vacations. That wasn’t fair to me, so when I turned 18 I registered as a Republican and voted Republican. I have never […]