No Telling How Severe

Anonymous I just had an abortion at four months gestation. My pregnancy was a big surprise, and I was almost as surprised by my own reaction to it. I had been petrified of motherhood. How could I ever be a good enough mother? Eventually I overcame my fears and ambivalence. I started really looking forward to having this child, and making all kinds of plans. The doctor’s office called to say that my blood screen results indicated a problem. I thought maybe that meant I had diabetes or high blood pressure. Nope. It turned out the screening test assessed my child as being at a high risk for […]

A Rainy Saturday

A Grieving Mother It is hard to know where I should begin to express to others the story of what happened to us. Particularly when it is linked to an ending which was far from the ending that we had dreamed of, and to be honest, expected. A life and a death—all nestled in my protective womb. This is something no one can truly understand until they face it themselves. I just hope that those of us who have had to climb the sheer cliff face of this particular choice can find some peace and rest at the top of it. Not that it is something […]