Q&A: Where Can I Find Support?

I live in a rural area and am not close to any of the in-person support groups for this type of prenatal loss. Have a question for Ending a Wanted Pregnancy? Email us. QUESTION My husband and I decided to end our pregnancy seven months ago after learning our baby had severe issues due to Amniotic Band Syndrome. I tried several times to sign up for a Yahoo listserv that was featured prominently on the A Heartbreaking Choice┬« website but got absolutely no response. I’m still struggling with our decision almost daily. I just need to talk to someone who has been there. I do have a counselor and […]

What is Amniotic Band Syndrome?

Amniotic bands extend from the inner lining of the amniotic sac. These bands can wrap around the fetus, and sometimes wreak havoc with fetal development. This phenomena may happen sporadically, or as the result of an injury or trauma to the maternal abdomen. No two cases of Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS) are identical. There may be one band, or several, The affects can be as mild a a shallow crease on limb, or severe enough to deform or amputate digits or limbs (congenital or intrauterine amputation), or constrict tissues to the point of incompatibility with life. When amniotic bands cross the head, face, chest or […]