The Chromosomal Lottery

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Sad Girl There comes a time in your life when you feel like you are mature and ready enough to start your own family. My husband and I felt that nothing will make us happier than having a little addition to our family. It didn’t take us long until we were happily pregnant. We told our parents and a few other members of our family. I was a little concerned about sharing the news so early because you never know what might happen. Unfortunately my concerns were correct: That pregnancy miscarried before the end of the first month. Full of disappointment but with great hopes, we started working on a […]

This is Always Fatal

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By A. H. When I found out I was pregnant on April 6, 2007, my fiance and I were very happy. This would be the first child for both of us. We had decided right away that if it was a boy we’d name him Dominic Wayne, and if it was a girl we would name her Kaylee Lynn. “Lynn” was after my husband’s mother, who had passed away a few years earlier. In early may I had an ultrasound. The technician said, “You are definitely pregnant” which made me feel better because I still didn’t quite believe it at that point. The little bubble on the screen looked like a jellybean to […]

Deposition in the Night

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By Kate C. Originally posted at Makin’ Babies. Shared by permission. Ten months have passed since losing my baby. The anniversary is approaching. My deadline for filing a grievance with my insurance company is closing in. Spring is blooming. Soon, I won’t have to count the seasons with memories of last year’s useless gestational milestones. Soon, I will get a fresh start. I no longer feel broken. Wounded, healing, but not broken. I feel exactly where I should be with the infant loss piece of my tragedy. I am full of sadness and acceptance for my dead baby, the little handful of ashes on my […]

Close to Home

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By The Editors of EWP Our hearts go out to the family of Jennifer. They have our deepest condolences. Jennifer faced her own heartbreaking choice when the baby girl she was carrying, who she had already named, was diagnosed with fetal abnormalities. The diagnosis, as yet undisclosed, was severe enough to compel Jennifer to travel from her home state to Maryland for a multiple-day termination procedure. She was 33 weeks pregnant. Four days after the termination process began, Jennifer developed complications and was hospitalized with chest pains. Later that same day, she died. She was 29 years old, married, and a had a career. By […]

Finding Out: Dandy-Walker Syndrome

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By Kate C. Originally titled “Dandy Walker Syndrome” and published at Makin’ Babies – Adventures in Family Building. Republished by permission. I went for a reassurance ultrasound yesterday. It was not reassuring. At my fetal survey, much earlier in my pregnancy, they had a very hard time imaging the baby’s brain, and there was a ghost of a brain abnormality on the resulting images. It showed up in some, not in others. I was sent to a bigger, higher-risk hospital for a second opinion where they also had trouble getting their images but saw no sign of any abnormalities and declared my baby healthy and […]

Two months out

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By Kate C. I’m about two months out from my loss, and one month out from the due date. Life goes on, and I engage with more and more of it as the weeks go by. Body From an objective standpoint, my body is recovering well. However, I find it impossible to be objective. I am impatient on this matter. Again and again I have to remind myself, “Kate, you had a baby two months ago.  Remember how you looked and felt two months after having your LC? You’re doing great. You will get your body back, but it takes time.”  When you’re carrying a baby on […]

The Clearest Choice

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By Kate C. Originally titled “My Story” and published at Makin’ Babies – Adventures in Family Building. Republished by permission. Every time I sit down to write this story, I am immediately overwhelmed. Again and again I stand right back up and walk away. I like to think of my grieving self as a whole room full of women.  Some I like more than others, but they’re all parts of me.  One is sweet and compassionate and wants to reach out to help others who have been through my hell.  Another is a fiery activist with a sharp tongue and a self-righteous sense of justice. […]