Practical Information

Our Compendium of Practical Information

In addition to the emotional support you need to deal with the realities of ending your wanted pregnancy due to fetal or maternal health problems, you may also need practical information. What are the medical procedures? How do you find an abortion provider? Will your insurance cover this abortion? What are the laws regarding abortion where you live? What is an abortion doula? What do I do when my milk comes in?


Searching “abortion procedures” online may result in an glut of upsetting misinformation designed to frighten or make you feel guilty about abortion. For your peace of mind, we’ve done the searching for you and found straightforward, factual information on the most common procedures from objective, respected medical websites.

First trimester:

WebMD Dilation & Cutterage (also called “D&C”)

Second or third trimester:

WebMD Induction (also called labor & delivery or “L&D”)

WebMD Dilation & Evacuation (also called “D&E”)

ANSIRH: What Happens During Later Abortions?

ANSIRH: Countering Misinformation—What Do We Know About Fetal Pain?

Late Term Abortion offers a wealth of medical and factual information on the subject.

Our personal stories involving pregnancy termination by induction, labor & delivery (L&D)

Our personal stories involving pregnancy termination by dilation & extraction (D&E)

Our personal stories involving pregnancy termination after 24 weeks gestation

Laws and Policies by Geographic Location

Guttmacher Institute: State-by state listing of later-term abortion polices (PDF)

Guttmacher Institute: Mandatory Counseling and Waiting Periods by State (PDF)

ANSIRH: Access Map (US)

NARAL: Who Decides? The Status of Women’s Reproductive Rights in the United States

NARAL: Interactive map to learn about laws in your state

International Consortium for Medical Abortion: Second-Trimester Abortion Law Globally

ANSIRH: Religious Hospitals and Restrictions to Abortion Care

Finding an Abortion Care Provider

National Abortion Federation (NAF) Hotline 1-800-722-9100

Our Bodies, Ourselves: Abortion Resources & Support

Abortion Care Network A network of independent abortion providers, allies, and individuals who provide quality care for women.

British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) Arrange a private abortion in the U.K.

Backline All Options Pregnancy Resource Center—Abortion Resources.

Women on Web—An international collective of women helping women access abortion around the globe.

Avoiding Anti-Choice Zealot Medical Professionals

AAPLOG’s Search Feature Will give you a list of “pro-life” OBs/Gyns in your area. If a care provider you are considering using shows up in a search there, you will know to avoid them. Note: AAPLOG stands for American Association of Pro-Life Physicians. It is an anti-choice website, so be careful about what information you share with them.

Insurance Issues

ANSIRH:Insurance Coverage for Abortion

NARAL: Insurance Prohibition for Abortion

Gynpages: Abortion Clinics that Accept Insurance

Finding Abortion Funding

National Network of Abortion Funds

Abortion Funds Available by State

Q&A: How Did You Handle the Financial Burden?


National Women’s Heath Network: Why Restrictions on Later-Term Abortion Care Impact All of Us.

Impact of the Hyde Amendment – Fact Sheet (PDF)

LSRJ—Law Students for Reproductive Justice

Abortion Conversation Project, Inc.—A resource for open and honest conversations about abortion

Medical Students for Choice—Tomorrow’s abortion providers and pro-choice physicians

Poor Prenatal Diagnosis Information

Poor Prenatal Diagnosis Index – An index of posts compiled by the editors of Ending a Wanted Pregnancy providing a brief, plain English description of various diagnoses and links to trusted medical resources discussing the disease, defect or syndrome.

Abortion Doulas

A doula is a caregiver specially trained to support you physically and emotionally during childbirth. Abortion doulas (also called “radical doulas” or “full-spectrum doulas”) are specially trained to provide you compassionate and empowering support you before, during and after your abortion procedure.

Bay Area Doula Project

Boston Doula Project

Colorado Doula Project

The Doula Project-NYC

Full Spectrum Doulas-PNW

Jacqui Morton

Aftercare in the Aftermath

Private Support Group

The Ending a Wanted Pregnancy Survival Guide

Help! My Milk Came In!

Exhale Pro-Voice Talk Line

Workbook (free download): A Guide to Emotional & Spiritual Resolution After Abortion




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