What is Ventriculomegaly?

Ventriculomegaly is a condition in which the lateral ventricles of the brain (the fluid-filled spaces) appear larger than normal. It can be detected at the second-trimester ultrasound, and occurs in about one in 1,000 births. There is not a singular cause of ventriculomegaly, but it is common in conjunction with hydrocephalus and several fetal abnormalities. Ventriculomegaly is considered “isolated” when there are no other anomalies present (other than those that are a result of the ventrical enlargement). When ventriculomegaly exceeds 15 mm, there are often other abnormalities present, such as neural tube defects, Chiari malformations, Dandy Walker syndrome, agenesis of the corpus callosum, hydrocephalus or […]

Late Termination in Wichita

By Donna My son was my long awaited journey into motherhood. He was my lifeline the day my brother died and I thought the world was ending. He was the glimmer of hope that was offered to family members that horrible week that we had four family members die. He was my everything, and then he was gone. At the end of September 2005, my husband and I found out that we were expecting a child. We were excited to finally start a family. The following week my brother and cousin were killed in a car wreck, then my aunt died from cancer, and my […]

How to Make an Impossible Choice

By Margot I cannot claim to have been naive about poor pregnancy outcomes before my abortion. My husband and I had been debating for several years about whether to pursue adoption or try for a biological child when one of our friends had a uterine rupture at six and a half months pregnant. The baby died, and she nearly did too. During the emergency surgery that saved her life, they had to remove her uterus. Most of the “cons” of pregnancy we’d contemplated previously were things like morning sickness, weight gain, and contributing to overpopulation. You might think our friends’ catastrophic loss would have given […]

I Wanted Her So Much

By Alyssa’s Mom We were trying to get pregnant with our first child. When I missed my period I took a pregnancy test but it was negative. I was bummed. I thought for sure I was pregnant as I had felt constant nausea all week long. A few days later my doctor did a blood test. Lo and behold I was pregnant after all. We were absolutely thrilled! Our baby was due in September and we could not wait. Our first scare in the pregnancy came at nine weeks when I started bleeding. I thought for sure I had lost the baby. The next morning I had an ultrasound scan […]

My Third-Trimester Abortion

By Kate C. This article is based on a talk the author gave to OBs and medical students at her diagnosing hospital. I am here today to tell you about my third trimester abortion. Before I begin, I want to make two things very clear: First, I am here to speak with you because I want to share my experience. I am not afraid to share, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions if you have them. I think people often hold back to protect me, but they needn’t bother. I live with these memories every day. There is no angle from which I haven’t looked […]

No More Children

I am what they call a translocation carrier. Although I am fine and our toddler daughter is fine, we had a 50/50 chance of having a baby with major chromosomal problems in any pregnancy.

Poor Prenatal Diagnosis Index

We do our best to compile informative diagnosis information pages to save you the trouble of running across upsetting search engine results. We try to condense each poor prenatal diagnosis into plain language, then provide hyperlinks to three or more respected medical websites. We will not link our prenatal diagnosis pages to blogs, news articles or “advocacy” sites. We are not medical professionals and the information on our website is not intended to serve as medical advice. It is simply here as a convenience to our readers. This is not an exhaustive list of poor prenatal diagnosis. If you’ve received a poor prenatal diagnosis and […]

Memorials ~ Butterfly Garden Archive

In loving memory of our EWP babies. For newer memorials, visit our Memorials page. To to submit a memorial for your baby, visit our Leave a Memorial page. Our EWP Babies 2012 Our EWP Babies 2011 Our EWP Babies 2010 Our EWP Babies 2009 Our EWP Babies 2008 Our EWP Babies 2007 Our EWP Babies 2006 Our EWP Babies 2005 Our EWP Babies 2004 Our EWP Babies 2003 Our EWP Babies 2002 Our EWP Babies 2001 Our EWP Babies 2000 Our EWP Babies 1999 Our EWP Babies 1998 Our EWP Babies 1997 Our EWP Babies 1996 Our EWP Babies 1995 Our EWP Babies 1994 and Earlier Our EWP Babies 2012 Ayla Raine Ferrari January 6, 2012 Turner Syndrome Mosaic with a rare Klinefelter’s Syndrome cell line […]

This isn’t about Down syndrome

By Grace O. Ending a Wanted Pregnancy isn’t about Down syndrome (trisomy 21). This needs to be said, because to hear just about anyone else in the media tell it, all prenatal tests are for diagnosing Down syndrome, and all terminations following poor prenatal diagnosis are because of Down syndrome. When and how did a single chromosomal disorder become the proverbial poster child for all prenatal diagnoses, all medical issues, all life-threatening disorders and all cognitive disorders? When I hear people fantasizing about how they would “never” end a pregnancy for poor prenatal diagnosis, invariably they bring up Down syndrome. They’ll trot out someone they know […]

Parents’ Stories of Ending a Wanted Pregnancy

  You’re Really Not Alone We have collected stories told by mothers and fathers who have been through the heartbreaking decision to obtain a medically indicated abortion due to a poor prenatal diagnosis of fetal anomaly, or for maternal health reasons. Simply scroll through the list of diagnoses or types of termination to see tagged stories. In addition to the alphabetical list of diagnoses leading to medically indicated abortion below, you may also find it useful to use the “Search” bar. Simply enter keywords such as another diagnosis, a medical procedure, or other situations such as infertility, multiple losses, divorce, single parent, or a religion. If […]