I Couldn’t Go On

By J.S. My fourth pregnancy was a surprise. (All four were surprises of different degrees. I think we only “tried” once.) Not an unwelcome one. My first pregnancy was followed by two miscarriages. We wanted a second child, but our daughter started first grade that fall. Going back to diapers, with both of us rounding the corner on 40, felt a little like regression. No matter. Our daughter is the light of our lives. We were all in to do it again. I had had hyperemesis with all three pregnancies, so one of the first things we did was reach out for a prescription for one […]

A Lost Dream

By Nicole My husband and I have two young children and this past fall we discovered we were expecting again. We were excited to add to our family. A week after I discovered I was pregnant, I began to show signs of morning sickness like I had with my second pregnancy. But within days I got even sicker than I had before. I was constantly bloated as if I was about to explode, and this made eating very difficult. I couldn’t eat much more than some Wheat Thins and water. The few home remedies I tried first did not work. I was beginning to get […]

What is Hyperemis Gravidarium?

There is a marked difference between common “morning sickness” and severe Hyperemesis Gravidarium (HG). Hyperemesis Gravidarium can be mild, moderate or severe, but the severe version of this rare and debilitiating pregnancy complication is what we’re concerned with here. In severe Hyperemesis Gravidarium, the mother experiences constant, incapacitating nausea. It can be difficult to control with medications, and may lead to esophageal tears or even stroke. She may suffer weight loss of 10% to 20%. She will require nutritional support, fluids and medications throughout the majority of the pregnancy. Mothers suffering from severe HG are unable to care for themselves and experience malnourishment and exhaustion. […]

My Interrupted Pregnancies

By Julie In my gut, I knew something wasn’t right with my second pregnancy. The pregnancy test had a faint line and I didn’t have the severe morning sickness that I had previously. At 6 weeks, 2 days gestation I had an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat, but they wanted to see me two weeks later. When I returned, there was no heartbeat, and the baby measured only 6 weeks, 3 days—I had miscarried. Many of my friends and family had been through a miscarriage, and while it was emotionally hard, I figured that it was somewhat par for the course. Once my cycle came back, we decided to try […]