This isn’t about Down syndrome

By Grace O. Ending a Wanted Pregnancy isn’t about Down syndrome (trisomy 21). This needs to be said, because to hear just about anyone else in the media tell it, all prenatal tests are for diagnosing Down syndrome, and all terminations following poor prenatal diagnosis are because of Down syndrome. When and how did a single chromosomal disorder become the proverbial poster child for all prenatal diagnoses, all medical issues, all life-threatening disorders and all cognitive disorders? When I hear people fantasizing about how they would “never” end a pregnancy for poor prenatal diagnosis, invariably they bring up Down syndrome. They’ll trot out someone they know […]

EWP Survival Guide

Compiled by The Editors of EWP These tips are offered by the members of our private support group to help those getting through the early days after ending a wanted pregnancy due to poor prenatal diagnosis or for maternal health issues. Take good care of yourself mentally and physically Eat well, give yourself plenty of time to sleep, and try to exercise regularly. Keep all your medical appointments. Always call if you have a concern or something does not seem right. If you are uncomfortable with your doctor, switch right away. Create a support system for yourself. That may include your spouse, partner or significant other, […]

The Dreaded Baby Shower

by Grace O. It’s almost inevitable after we’ve ended a wanted pregnancy. We will be invited to the dreaded baby shower. It’s comes with the territory. We’re of childbearing age, and so too are our sisters, sisters-in-law, cousins, friends, coworkers and neighbors. Somebody else will be pregnant, and we’ll be invited to her baby shower. Before we were forced to choose between two terrifying options, we may have found baby showers fun, or tolerable, and if not tolerable, we could at least look forward to ice cream punch and cupcakes. But after EWP, a baby shower invitation can feel like an invitation to emotional Armageddon. […]

Help! My Milk Came In!

How to manage breast engorgement and prevent mastitis following your second or third trimester abortion By Grace O. Many women who terminate a pregnancy after the first trimester will experience an unwelcome memento of their loss: their breastmilk coming in and the resulting discomfort of breast engorgement. Your milk coming in may seem like a cruel trick of nature, magnifying an already overwhelming sense of loss. But it is really just the body’s normal reaction to the shift in hormone balance that takes place when a pregnancy ends. You may find it emotionally excruciating to have your body is making milk for the baby you […]