Nothing Good Comes Easy

By Timothy’s Mother My husband and I got married in March 2002 and were very excited, and eager to begin our family. To my surprise I found out I was pregnant only a few months later. All my life I had dreamed of that moment. Having a baby was my whole reason for everything I had ever done up to that point in time. All my baby dolls from my childhood were still in excellent condition, evidence of the superb care I had shown them. I had worked with children as a mother’s helper, babysitter, camp counselor, daycare teacher, and classroom teacher. It was finally […]

Our Hailey Judith

By Jess 311 I couldn’t believe it when the home pregnancy test was positive. I thought surely it would not happen so soon. It had only been two months since we started trying. I can’t describe how excited I was, but I thought for sure it couldn’t be true, that I must have let it sit for too long. Well, three more tests with lines and one digital test later and we new for sure. We were having our first child. We couldn’t wait to tell people. I couldn’t wait to get to the doctor to hear the heartbeat. I’ll never forget the first time […]

Catholic Doctrine & Merciful Choice

Cathedral - Catholic Doctrine & Merciful Choice

Our Catholic priest gave us his loving support for our decision. He told us that in the face of hopeless suffering it is sometimes right to pray for death. By A Catholic Mother Our Catholic priest supported our choice to end our pregnancy. We’ve known this priest for years and have been through most of the sacraments with him. When we had pretty much made our decision, we asked him to come to our home so we could talk it over. My husband and I trust him and value his point of view. We weren’t asking for his blessing but wanted to know where we […]