Genetic Recurrence Risks

By Helga V. Toriello, Ph.D. While every expectant couple hopes their child will be healthy, approximately 3-4% of couples will have a a child with a serious birth defect or combination of birth defects, called a syndrome, and another 1-3% will have a child with cognitive disabilities. Since prenatal testing is now readily available to parents, many will learn of a serious or life threatening problem during the pregnancy. When a child is born with a genetic condition or one is found prenatally, a referral to a genetics counselor may be made to provide the family with information regarding the diagnosis, prognosis and recurrence risks. […]

Even Better Than Before

By Grace O. It was a full six weeks after making ending my wanted pregnancy before I had even a glimpse of feeling normal. My loss was in February, 2000 after learning that my baby had irreparable heart defects and Down syndrome. I had found the support website, but it took me until April to screw up my courage and share my story with strangers via the old Yahoo listserv, where our grief support group was at that time. That was when my healing actually began. The time before that was like being at the bottom of an ocean of grief. I carried a dishtowel with me to mop up the […]